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PinkPowerSaver®- our trade fair innovation for CMS 2023

Empowers your cleaning machine and saves energy, time and costs!

The fact that no cleaning service provider can ignore: Melamine pads are the standard for the best mechanical cleaning performance on the market.

The big challenge: The battery capacity of many cleaning machines is relatively small. Therefore, you can only cover a limited area with melamine pads before the battery runs out.

The solution if you don't have enough power: haid-tec PinkPowerSaver.

The new melamine pad from haid-tec extends the battery life of the cleaning machine by creating less friction on the floor thanks to a unique material mixture and still offering a great cleaning result

The result: the engine is put under less strain and the battery life of the machine is extended Even a machine with a small battery can be used to clean a large object without recharging.

Energy savings through less friction on the floor

Less friction with very high cleaning performance: The PinkPowerSaver Pad reliably removes dirt from the surface without scratching the tile.

Improved water flow through new material mixture

New combination of melamine foam and polyester scouring fleece ensures longer service life and improved removal of coarse dirt.

High quality recycled product

The haid-tec PinkPowerSaver is a sustainable product made from recycled melamine resin foam, it saves water and cleaning chemicals.

Work economically

The use is economical for cleaning service providers because they can work more resource-efficiently with less use of personnel and chemicals.


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Areas of application

The haid-tec PinkPowerSaver Pad is suitable for cleaning a wide range of floor coverings

Mineral floor coverings such as stoneware, tiles, cast stone




Epoxy floors

Benefits and performance

Excellent mechanical cleaning results

Long service life of approx. 20,000 square meters per pad

Floor coverings can largely be kept in new condition

Can be easily used with all common cleaning agents

Floor coverings are cleaned with little effort and time

Use: basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and special cleaning

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The PinkPowerSaver Pads from haid-tec are cleaning pads that have been completely newly developed and can be used to remove dirt from floor coverings extremely efficiently. They are not abrasive, i.e. they do not change the surface of the floor coverings. The new PinkPowerSaver Pad consists of 60 percent melamine foam and 40 percent polyester scouring fleece. The latter ensures that friction on the ground is reduced. The result: the engine is put under less strain and the battery life of the machines is extended. By using the PinkPowerSaver Pads, cleaning service providers and cleaning staff save time and cleaning chemicals. Basic cleaning can be delayed or avoided completely. The new energy-saving pads can be easily mounted on standard drive plates of scrubber dryers. Compared to pads made of pure melamine resin foam, the PinkPowerSaver pads are significantly more stable and durable.

The PinkPowerSaver Pads have a pink scouring fleece backing and a 1.5 cm thick gray-white foam layer. This means they are visually different from other pads to avoid confusion. The gray and white side must face the floor. The pink side is mounted on the drive plate. The pink scouring fleece protects the floor and drive plate as the foam layer gradually wears away during use. Due to the special foam mixture, the service life could be doubled compared to the MelaminePlusPad. The PPS pads are available in all common sizes.

The special material mixture of melamine resin foam and polyester fleece results in improved water flow, meaning that the cleaning machine sticks less to the floor and can be operated more easily.

The machine’s fresh water is applied directly centrally through the central punching. This allows the PinkPowerSaver Pad to constantly rinse itself fresh. The special foam mixture therefore always remains active, can dissolve the dirt and release it into the dirt solution.

Error-free and comfortable use for the user is guaranteed by the recess in the foam part of the pad, as the pad can be perfectly attached to the drive plate of the scrubber dryer with a center lock.

The PinkPowerSaver Pad can be used by the user immediately and without much training. It just needs to be made clear that any installed brush must be replaced by a drive plate. The PinkPowerSaver Pad is then simply mounted on the drive plate like conventional pads. The pink back belongs to the driving plate, the gray-white foam layer points towards the ground. The fresh water supply should initially be set slightly higher until the pad is soaked with water. Alternatively, you can simply water the PinkPowerSaver Pad slightly before use.

The PinkPowerSaver Pad was developed for the use of scrubber dryers with large drive plates. Machines with large pads use more electricity. However, in practice, the motors of cleaning machines with large drive plates are often too weak to drive pads with a high mechanical force. Thanks to the innovative combination of materials, the PinkPowerSaver Pad can increase the cleaning performance of slightly weaker machines. The polyester scouring pad in the foam improves water flow and thereby reduces friction. The battery life is extended. The pad compensates for a motor that is too small and you achieve a cleaning result that is just as good as with machines with a higher wattage.

Conventional scouring pads are cheaper to purchase, but the higher investment costs for the haid-tec PinkPowerSaver Pad are quickly made up for during ongoing operation. For the following reasons:

  • The service life of the PinkPowerSaver Pad has been increased compared to the MelaminePlusPad; Depending on the contact pressure of the machine, the degree of roughness of the floor covering and the amount of water used, the service life of the PinkPowerSaver Pad could be roughly doubled compared to the MelaminePlusPad. The PinkPowerSaver Pad is more stable and durable. This makes its use more cost-effective.
  • Using the pad protects the environment because the very good mechanical cleaning performance means that less cleaning agent has to be used than if the machine is equipped with brushes or conventional pads.
  • The cleaning process is quicker because it is enough to cover the area once with the machine; The cleaning staff therefore need less time and can clean more area in the same time. Overall, this leads to lower personnel costs.
  • Due to permanently better cleaning results (compared to the use of conventional brushes or other pads), significantly less or no basic cleaning (with high personnel, chemical and cost expenditure) is necessary.

PinkPowerSaver Pads are suitable for cleaning a wide range of floor coverings. They are ideal for cleaning mineral floor coverings such as fine stoneware or cast stone as well as PVC, vinyl, linoleum, rubber and epoxy floors.

The PinkPowerSaver Pads wear out over time; The sturdy pink back, which protects the base and driving plate, can also be disposed of in a thin layer. The foam surface of the new pads is made from 100 percent recycled material.

There are hardly any/no costs for the change; The product is self-explanatory, after one use the wow effect is usually obvious to every user and customers are satisfied with the result.

By using the haid-tec PinkPowerSaver Pads, battery consumption on scrubber dryers is reduced by up to 30% compared to using conventional melamine pads. This results in a significantly higher area performance in the property.

Due to the excellent dirt removal of the PPS pads and the resulting cleaning results while using fewer chemicals, significantly less cleaning time is required for the daily maintenance cleaning of an object; As a result, you have lower personnel costs because the cleaning staff can cover more area in the same time.

The product was developed from the everyday practice of cleaning service providers or in retail. Machines were often purchased that were equipped with an engine that was too small. Thanks to the PinkPowerSaver Pad, even a cleaning machine with a lower battery capacity and motor power is able to clean floor coverings with a high level of dirt.

This effect is based on the combination of two materials or the reduction of the proportion of melamine resin foam. With its good water flow, the polyester scouring fleece counteracts excessive friction, so that the machines have to use less force. The engine is less stressed; the machines use less electricity; This means your battery packs can be used for longer.