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Avoid dirt build-up in edge and corner areas

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haid-tec products for manual cleaning

Manual cleaning or cleaning by hand is recommended for edge areas and the removal of stains.
removal of stains
a necessary practice. It is used everywhere in places that you cannot reach with your cleaning machine.

With haid-tec cleaning products, you avoid dirt and layer build-up in edge areas and can thus avoid costly basic cleaning.

Manuelle Reinigung
Manuelle Reinigung in Ecken und Randbereichen

For corners and edges

Ideally suited for jobs,
that you can clean with the cleaning machine
cannot be achieved.

Manuelle Reinigung zur Vorreinigung und Fleckentfernung

Pre-cleaning & stain removal

With our stain remover products you can get rid of even stubborn stains.

Manuelle Reinigung mit Reinigungsmittel von haid-tec

Easy to use

Our products for manual cleaning can be used with all common cleaning agents without any problems.

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