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Machine pads

Advantages & disadvantages of the different types

Machine pads for optimum floor cleaning

Floor cleaning in stores is crucial to ensure a clean and attractive appearance. The use of machine pads in combination with cleaning machines has proven to be an efficient method of removing stubborn dirt and reducing cleaning time at the same time.

Machine pads are particularly suitable for floor coverings such as:


Machine pad types

The world of machine floor cleaning offers a wide range of highly specialized pads for different cleaning tasks and floor coverings. Each pad has its own unique properties that make it an indispensable tool for removing stubborn dirt and restoring surfaces to their former glory.

In this fascinating world of cleaning, there are pads that effortlessly remove even the most stubborn dirt, while others provide a gentle cleaning experience on delicate floor coverings.

Scuff pads (super pads / normal pads) are robust pads made from hard-wearing materials such as nylon or polyester. They are mostly used to remove stubborn dirt, dried stains and grime from robust floor coverings such as tiles, concrete or stone. Scrubbing pads have a rough surface that helps to loosen and remove dirt – however, similar to brushes, the fibers of scrubbing pads are too coarse and therefore do not get into the smallest recesses. They therefore do not provide good cleaning results.

Polishing pads are softer and made from materials such as microfiber or cotton. They are used to polish glossy surfaces and leave a smooth, clean shine on floor coverings such as linoleum, vinyl or sealed wood. Polishing pads also help to minimize fine scratches and bring the floor to a high gloss. However, due to their nature, they usually do not manage to clean the broth thoroughly down to the depths.

Melamine pads, also known as sponge pads or magic eraser pads, are made of melamine foam. They are particularly effective at removing stubborn stains, discoloration and soiling from various surfaces, including delicate floor coverings. Melamine pads are able to penetrate and efficiently remove dirt particles without the need for chemical cleaning agents.

This type of pad is usually attached to drive plates that are attached to the machines. Drive plate pads are available in various degrees of hardness and offer versatile cleaning options for different floor coverings.
The hardness grades are differentiated by color. White, red, blue, green and black. The darker the pad, the more aggressive the cleaning. They are mostly used for general cleaning and can be used for lighter soiling.

Diamond pads are special pads with diamond particles. They are mainly used for grinding and polishing natural stone floors such as marble or granite. Diamond pads can sand surfaces smoothly and produce a high-gloss finish.

These pads are made of microfiber material and offer effective and gentle cleaning for various floor coverings. They can absorb dust, dirt and moisture efficiently without damaging the surfaces. Microfiber pads therefore have a good cleaning result at first, but they quickly become clogged with dirt and lose their good cleaning effect.

The PolyPlusPad® is a pad with high mechanical cleaning performance and long service life on various mineral and resilient floor coverings, such as porcelain stoneware, natural stone, textured tiles, vinyl, linoleum, rubber studded floor coverings, etc.
The fine polyester fibers have a high mechanical cleaning effect and remove dirt from the surface. The dirt does not adhere to the fibers, remains in the dirt liquor and can therefore be vacuumed up with the scrubber dryer. There is no “soiling” of the fiber as with a pure microfiber pad.

Melamine pads are the standard for the best mechanical cleaning performance on the market.

The big challenge: the battery capacity of many cleaning machines is relatively small. This means that you can only cover a limited area with melamine pads before the battery runs out. The new melamine pad from haid-tec extends the battery life of the cleaning machine by creating less friction on the floor thanks to a unique material mixture and still offering a great cleaning result

  • Energy savings due to less friction on the floor
  • Improved water flow through new material mixture
  • High quality recycled product
  • Work economically

Buy machine pads cheap

Melamine pads have established themselves among the various machine pads on the market,
especially those from haid-tec have proven to be particularly advantageous and recommendable.

Melamine pad for single-disc machines

for basic cleaning, cement residue removal, with a very good price-performance ratio.

Melamine pad for scrubber dryers

for cleaning heavily soiled floors; easy to fit, maximum dirt removal.

Melamine pad for orbital machine

with high-strength Velcro backing for cleaning heavily soiled floors – easy pad change.

Melamine pad for eccentric machines

with high-strength Velcro backing for cleaning heavily soiled floors, long service life.

Melamine pad - the special machine pad

Melamine pads have proven to be a groundbreaking innovation in the floor cleaning industry in recent years. Their unique composition enables them to remove even stubborn stains, scratches and discolorations that conventional pads often cannot reach. An outstanding advantage of melamine pads is that they can be used with just water, without adding chemical cleaning agents. This makes them an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solution.

The use of melamine pads in combination with cleaning machines offers the advantage of faster cleaning times. Due to their high cleaning power and efficiency, melamine machine pads can remove dirt and contaminants in one pass, reducing the need for repeated cleaning cycles. This not only saves time, but also energy and resources, which saves costs overall.

One of the greatest strengths of melamine pads is their gentle cleaning action. Compared to other machine pads, which may contain abrasive materials, melamine pads are soft and gentle on delicate floor coverings such as wood, laminate or marble. This prevents potential damage and maintains the aesthetic beauty of the floor surfaces.

Melamine pads are also characterized by their durability. They last longer than many other pads on the market and retain their cleaning efficiency even after several uses. This means that the purchase costs for melamine pads are lower in the long term compared to other machine pads, as they need to be replaced less frequently.

Although there are different types of machine pads on the market, they do not all have the same advantages as melamine pads. Some pads may not provide the same cleaning power and require the use of chemical cleaners to be effective. Others could contain abrasive materials and thus damage the surface, especially with sensitive floor coverings.

PolyPlusPad Reinigung

Melamine machine pad against

The innovation made of melamine resin foam

Melamine pads from haid-tec

What makes haid-tec melamine pads special

Melamine pads from haid-tec have decisive advantages over other cleaning pads.

Excellent mechanical cleaning results

Long service life of approx. 10,000 square meters per pad

Floor covering remains largely in new condition

Can be easily used with all common cleaning agents

Clean floor coverings with minimal work / time expenditure

For basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and special cleaning


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PolyPlusPad® from haid-tec

Cleans rough surfaces and carpets – without soiling the fine poly fibers

PinkPowerSaver® from haid-tec

Empowers your cleaning machine and saves energy, time and costs!

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