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Melamine pad

Melamine resin foam pad for optimum cleaning results

Melamine pads are a practical and extremely environmentally friendly solution for the thorough cleaning of various surfaces.

They are particularly suitable for cleaning mineral floor coverings, porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone, cast stone and textured surfaces without damaging them.

They offer an effective way to remove stubborn dirt and achieve a sparkling clean. Melamine pads are often used in scrubber-dryers, scrubber-dryers and single-disc machines, but are also used for manual cleaning.

If you are looking for an efficient cleaning tool, melamine pads are definitely a very good choice.

MelaminPlusPads, die Melaminpads von haid-tec

Melamine pad for use with

What are melamine pads

Melamine pads are innovative cleaning tools that are used in various areas. Melamine pads consist of a special melamine resin foam. This has a particularly high cleaning effect. The pads are ideal for thorough surface cleaning and effectively remove stubborn dirt. Melamine pads are particularly suitable for commercial use due to their properties.

Melamine pads are extremely versatile. In the kitchen, they are suitable for removing grease and burnt-on residue from hobs, cookware or extractor hoods. They clean tiles, joints and shower walls in the bathroom. Melamine pads are also ideal for cleaning furniture, plastic surfaces, car seats and much more.

Their structure is the decisive advantage of melamine pads. The fine micropores in the material effectively loosen and remove dirt particles without using abrasive chemicals. TIP: use the pads with water to achieve optimum cleaning results.

What are melamine machine pads

Melamine machine pads are special cleaning pads. These were developed for use in cleaning machines. Like conventional melamine pads, they are made of melamine resin foam. These pads are used on special machines that use rotating or oscillating movements to clean large surfaces efficiently.

Melamine machine pads offer various advantages over conventional cleaning:

1. efficient cleaning:
Cleaning machines with melamine pads can clean larger surfaces efficiently. The mechanical movement enables faster and more thorough cleaning compared to manual cleaning.

2. time and labor savings:
Melamine machine pads significantly reduce cleaning time as they can cover a larger area in less time. This saves time and effort when cleaning large commercial or industrial areas.

3. uniform cleaning:
By using cleaning machines, uniform cleaning can be achieved over the entire surface. By adapting the pads to the contours of the surface, even hard-to-reach areas can be reached. This makes cleaning more uniform.

4. longer shelf life:
Melamine machine pads have been specially developed for use in cleaning machines. They are therefore more robust and more resistant to the demands of machine cleaning. As a result, they have a longer service life than conventional cleaning pads.

Melamine machine pads are used in various areas: Hotels, offices, shopping centers, schools and hospitals. They offer an efficient and time-saving solution for cleaning large areas and are particularly advantageous for professional cleaning services.


Melamine pad for use on cleaning machines for effective basic and maintenance cleaning.

Manuelle Reinigung mit Reinigungsmittel von haid-tec

Manual flooring cleaning is easy with the right melamine pad.

Melaminpad Exzentermaschine

Melamine pads are available in different sizes. At haid-tec even as a special design for every machine.


Melamine pad for use on

Buy melamine pads cheap

Melamine pad for single-disc machines

for basic cleaning, cement residue removal, with a very good price-performance ratio.

Melamine pad for scrubber dryers

for cleaning heavily soiled floors; easy to fit, maximum dirt removal.

Melamine pad for orbital machine

with high-strength Velcro backing for cleaning heavily soiled floors – easy pad change.

Melamine pad for eccentric machines

with high-strength Velcro backing for cleaning heavily soiled floors, long service life.

Advantages of melamine pads

Melamine pads as a cleaning tool offer several advantages

High cleaning effect

Melamine pads are characterized by their excellent cleaning power and can effectively remove stubborn stains. They are particularly effective at removing grease, dirt, limescale deposits and burnt-on residues.

No aggressive chemicals required

Melamine pads can be used with water. This is more environmentally friendly than the use of chemicals, which are often used with conventional cleaning agents.

Versatile application options

Melamine pads are versatile. e.g.: for cleaning kitchen surfaces, bathroom tiles, furniture, plastic surfaces, car seats and much more.

Gentle on surfaces

Melamine pads have a strong cleaning power and are still gentle on most surfaces. However, it is always advisable to carry out a test on an inconspicuous area before use.

The innovation made of melamine resin foam

Melamine pads from haid-tec

What makes haid-tec melamine pads special

Melamine pads from haid-tec have decisive advantages over other cleaning pads.

Excellent mechanical cleaning results

Long service life of approx. 10,000 square meters per pad

Floor covering remains largely in new condition

Can be easily used with all common cleaning agents

Clean floor coverings with minimal work / time expenditure

For basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and special cleaning


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Opinions on melamine pads

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