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MelaminePlusPads have been specially developed for cleaning mineral floor coverings, porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone, cast stone and textured surfaces.


The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads consist of a special material composition and thus enable excellent mechanical cleaning performance.

After several years of research, we have succeeded in refining and pressing high-quality melamine resin foam and selected aggregates using special adhesives in such a way that extremely high tear resistance and durability are achieved. This opens up completely new application possibilities.

Effektiv auf zahlreichen Bodenbelägen

Effective on numerous types of flooring

Excellent cleaning results on mineral and resilient floor coverings.


Cost savings

The use of chemicals can be reduced and basic cleaning can be avoided.

Sparsam und umweltfreundlich

Economical and
Environmentally friendly

Recycling of melamine resin foam.
Reduction of aggressive chemicals.


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Benefits and performance

Excellent mechanical cleaning results

Long service life of approx. 10,000 square meters per pad

Floor coverings can largely be kept in new condition

Can be easily used with all common cleaning agents

Floor coverings are cleaned with little effort and time

Use: basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and special cleaning

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The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads are made of refined melamine foam.

Melamine foam has excellent mechanical cleaning performance on mineral floor coverings.

Due to the manufacturing process, the color or proportion of gray and white melamine resin foam may vary. We only use BASF foam, so there is no difference in cleaning performance.

The pure melamine tears quickly. The refined melamine foam, on the other hand, is more tear-resistant. This results in a long service life – up to 10 hours on polished surfaces, for example, compared to 1 hour for pure melamine pads.

The company haid-tec from Rottenacker has used these newly developed pads for the first time as a problem solver for cleaning porcelain stoneware. The challenge here was to remove the gray haze that had formed on the surface of porcelain stoneware flooring, particularly due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents.

The floor coverings can generally be cleaned with little chemical, labor and time expenditure.

Several years of experience are available for use in cleaning mineral floor coverings, in particular porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone, cast stone and textured surfaces.

The slower or the more frequently the floor covering is run over and the higher the contact pressure of the cleaning machine, the better the cleaning performance.

The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads® have been used successfully for years on floor coverings by market leaders in industry, trade and commerce.

Basic cleaning: Use of e.g. 16-inch MelaminPlusPad® on single-disc machines.
Maintenance cleaning: Regular use in maintenance cleaning, equipping scrubber-driers with appropriate MelaminPlusPads.

The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads are simply mounted on the pad holder of the scrubber-dryer. The floor covering is removed by machine as usual.

The MelaminPlusPads for single-disc machines were developed for use with single-disc machines, therefore without a recess in the foam part.
The MelaminPlusPads for scrubber-driers were manufactured with a recess in the foam part for mounting on drive plates with centerlock. During daily maintenance cleaning, the motor head of the machine is driven down and up several times, which is why we recommend the use of drive plates with Centerlock, which ensure that the pads are held properly.

MelaminPlusPads are made of refined melamine foam and have the best possible mechanical cleaning performance. With their special approx. 10 mm long fibers, PolyPlusPads have a good “depth effect”, especially on very heavily textured surfaces. They are washable up to 60°C and have a very good service life.

The OE pad is only 15 mm so that the high-frequency vibration of the machine’s vibrating plate is transmitted directly to the floor covering. The pad can only remove dirt if the vibration is transferred to the floor.
The vibration must not “fizzle out” in the back material or foam of the pad – otherwise the pad stands on the floor without moving and has no function.
Our new development MPP OE, presented at CMS Berlin 2019, consists of a high-quality composite foam made of melamine resin with a firmly bonded Velcro backing that optimally transmits the high-frequency vibration of the machine. The Velcro backing can be easily removed after use without leaving fibers on the Velcro hooks of the vibrating plate.