haid-tec PinkPowerSaver

Application haid-tec PinkPowerSaver Pads

The following must be observed:


Mount haid-tec PinkPowerSaver pads on suitable drive plates of the machine

  • The use of an inner hole bracket is recommended
  • Can be used with all common drive plates (hedgehogs, hooks, bristles, etc.)
  • Moisten PinkPowerSaver pads before use or increase the amount of water at the beginning.

Further information

Due to the excellent mechanical cleaning properties, the amount of cleaning agent used can be reduced if necessary.

The pads can be used with all common cleaning agents.
Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for use and dosage.

The pads are used up during cleaning. When the gray-white melamine foam is worn out and the pink scrubbing fleece appears, the pads need to be replaced.

In contrast to conventional melamine pads, the haid-tec PinkPowerSaver pads have a significantly longer service life, which depends on the surface condition of the floor covering, the quality of the installation and the type of cleaning machine used.