haid-tec TurfPlusPad

Application haid-tec TurfPlusPad

The haid-tec TurfPlusPad are suitable for use on orbital/eccentric machines

The following must be observed:

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Mount the haid-tec TurfPlusPad on orbital/eccentric machines:

The green side of the TurfPlusPad faces the floor covering, the white Velcro side is attached to the machine.
The haid-tec TurfPlusPad can be used on all standard orbital/eccentric machines
Moisten the TurfPlusPad before use or increase the amount of water at the beginning.

Further information

Use with cleaning agents

Due to the excellent mechanical cleaning properties, theamount of cleaning agent used can be reduced if necessary. The pads are resistant to chemicals and can be used with all common cleaning agents . Observe the manufacturer’s instructions for use and dosage.

Service life and replacement of haid-tec TurfPlusPad

Thanks to the very robust fibers and high-quality workmanship, the TurfPlusPad have a very long service life. Dirt can simply be rinsed out with water between uses. The pads wear out during cleaning. When the green turf fibers are largely worn out, the pads must be replaced. The service life of haid-tec TurfPlusPad depends on the surface condition of the floor covering, the quality of the installation and the type of cleaning machine used.

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