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Innovations for cleaning robots

Our latest products have been specially developed to maximize the efficiency and performance of your cleaning robots.

Discover the benefits of our three groundbreaking innovations with us.

PolyPlus roller - The revolutionary push-on roller

Our newly developed PolyPlus roller is an innovation for roller robots. By simply sliding the PolyPlus roller over existing brush rollers, you can save 80 % of the material and improve the cleaning result at the same time. The unique PolyPlusPad active fibers penetrate deep into microporous and textured floors, effectively loosening dirt and enabling comprehensive cleaning without the need to replace the entire roller.

Superior cleaning efficiency

The use of the PolyPlus roller significantly improves the cleaning results in comparison to a brush, as the active fibers of the PolyPlusPad penetrate deeper into structured and microporous surfaces, remove dirt more effectively as the dirt does not clog the fiber but is rinsed out with the fresh water.

Material savings

Saves up to 80 % material by simply sliding over existing Rollers.


No need to completely replace the roller, which saves time and resources.

Magnetic pad holder for the Gausium Scrubber 50

We have developed the magnetic pad holder to prevent the cleaning pads from coming loose from the drive plate. This patented innovation ensures that the pad adheres securely and firmly to the drive plate of the Gausium Scrubber 50. This prevents unwanted damage to the robot and floor covering and ensures a constant and efficient cleaning performance.

Improved security

Prevents unintentional loosening of pads during operation.

Patented technology

Unique magnetic inner hole holder ensures a secure fit.

Protection of equipment and floor

Minimizes the risk of damage to the robot and Floor covering with securely fixed pads.

ECO maintenance cleaner - for cleaning robots

Our ECO maintenance cleaner is specially tailored to the needs of cleaning robots. The formulation minimizes foaming and adapts to the low amount of water applied, which in combination with our PolyPlusPads and PolyPlusRollers leads to optimum cleaning results.

Reduced foaming

Ideal for use in cleaning robots with low Water application rate.

Efficient cleaning

Specially adapted formulation ensures optimum Cleaning results.


Perfectly matched for use with PolyPlus pads and rollers for maximum performance.

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