haid-tec PolyPlusPad

Application haid-tec PolyPlusPads

PolyPlusPads can be used both manually and mechanically.

The following must be observed:


Mount haid-tec PolyPlusPads on suitable drive plates of the machine

Single-disc machines
Use machines with up to 350 revolutions per minute – not suitable for high-speed machines

Use of an inner hole holder is recommended

Orbital/eccentric machines
Use of PolyPlusPads with Velcro backing

Further information

Thanks to the fine polyester active fibers with a pile height of approx. 8-10 mm , the PolyPlusPads can easily get into the smallest recesses and surface structures. The pads therefore achieve good mechanical cleaning performance on various mineral and resilient floor coverings, such as porcelain stoneware, natural stone, textured tiles, vinyl, linoleum, rubber studded floor coverings and many more.

Unlike conventional microfiber pads, the PolyPlusPads rinse themselves free during use – the fibers do not become clogged with dirt. The PolyPlusPads can therefore be used in maintenance cleaning without being washed until the poly-active fiber is completely worn out.

For particularly hygienically sensitive areas (e.g. for hospital cleaning), the PolyPlusPads can be washed in the washing machine up to 60°C several times. Do not use fabric softener and only dry at low temperatures.

The PolyPlusPads are manufactured to a high standard, reinforced with edging tape in the heavily used edge area and sewn with topstitching. When used with scrubber-driers, service lives of up to 100,000 square meters per pad and more are possible, depending on the floor covering.

Alternating use with MelaminPlusPads can avoid cost-intensive basic cleaning.

PolyPlusPad - Reinigungspad