haid-tec procedure and certification

The company haid-tec geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH was formed from the development of a procedure for the factory-made processing of surfaces.

The haid-tec® procedure is a purely mechanical micro-blasting procedure.

With the micro-blasting procedure, indentations (micropores) are added to the surface being processed, for example, natural stone, fine stoneware, etc. through a special sandblast with high pressure. This ensures surefootedness / slip protection corresponding to DGUV Rule 108-003 (formerly BG rule 181/DIN 51130) for the commercial sector or according to GUV-I 8527 (DIN 51097) for barefoot areas subject to moisture, for example, swimming pools, spas, etc. The micropores indented in the surface through this procedure, which in turn lead to increased slip resistance and a good foothold, are patent protected.

In contrast to laser technology, the indentations are scattered without any detectable direction in the surface. This means a grid / pattern is not detectable and a nearly natural pattern arises that does not disturb.

Through other factory-made processing steps, such as impregnation / hue deepening, in particular natural stones can be protected regarding their susceptibility to dirt. This means it is possible to increase the tonality, texture and color intensity of the material.

Since the end of 2004, dependable production facilities have been available for the quick and high quality processing of all materials. The machines are designed for slabs in a format of up to 2.40×3.10 meters.

Until the end of 2019, over 3 million square meters of floor coveringwere punctually processed by haid-tec in the micro-blasting procedure for different projects.

mineral materials

for example, fine stoneware, granite, marble, ceramic can all be processed.

large size

The machines are designed for slabs in the format of up to 2.40×3.10 meters.

aesthetic appearance

The aesthetic appearance of the floor remains mostly preserved.

The haid-tec® procedure is suitable for all floor and stair covers – in particular for covers made of

  • mineral materials, such as granite, marble, artificial stone, fine stoneware, ceramic and glass,
  • metals
  • plastic

Certified safety - compliant from the beginning on

The haid-tec® coverings are certified by the following recognized and accredited testing facilities:

Säurefliesnervereinigung e. V.

in Großburgwedel
Renowned examination and consulting institute for wall and floor coverings.

haid-tec® floor coverings are listed in diverse positive lists, for example, “LIST NB” for anti-slip floor coverings in moist barefoot areas and BGIA “inspected floor coverings positive list”.