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Rottenacker, 14. February 2019

haid-tec releases high performance cleaning pads for the i-mop XL

High performance cleaning pads for the i-mop XL

The haid-tec® geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH from Rottenacker announces the immediate availability of two new cleaning pads that were specifically developed for the i-mop XL scrubbing machine. The use of cleaning pads delivers extensive and effective cleaning.

New cleaning pads for i-mop XL

The cleaning pads are offered in two versions: the MelaminPlusPad® (MPP7.5KL) and the PolyPlusPad® (PPP8KL). Both cleaning pads require the original i-mop XL – 7.5″ pad holder on the i-mop xl, which must be replaced with the standard brushes delivered with the i-mop XL. haid-tec® offers special conversion kits for the i-mop XL.

Conversion kits for i-mop xl

The haid-tec® i-mop XL conversion set (TT7.5imopKL-MPP7.5KL) includes two MelaminPlusPads (MPP7.5KL) and the two corresponding pad holders (TT7.5imopKL). The i-mop XL – conversion set (TT7.5imopKL-TTZ7.5imop-PPP8KL) two PolyPlusPads® (PPP8KL), two pad holders (TT7.5imopKL) and two spacers (TTZ7.5imopKL) to ensure the required circulation when using the PolyPlusPad.

Properties of the MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads on the i-mop XL

The MelaminPlusPads are characterized by a high, effective cleaning effect and were specifically developed for cleaning mineral flooring, such as fine stoneware tiles, natural stone or artificial stone. Managing director Thomas Haid-Thoma says: “Our MelaminPlusPads are equipped with a very thin fleece back for fastening, which is characterized by a high mechanic bond with the Velcro fabric on the pad holder and allow a maximum height of the melamine foam back due to the minimal thickness of the fleece back. Furthermore, the MelaminPlusPad® can be removed from the Velcro ring on the pad holder without leaving behind any fibers from the fleece back, which in turn maintains the good adhesive properties.”

The PolyPlusPads are very long-lasting cleaning pads with a long service life of up to 100,000 square meters and are also characterized by very good mechanical cleaning properties on different flooring, such as fine stoneware, natural stone, structured tiles, but also rubber nub surfaces. Managing director Thomas Haid-Thoma: “With the PolyPlusPad®, particularly in regards to the very long service life, we offer an interesting product for the i-mop XL, which is also produced with the highest quality. This quality is emphasized, e.g., through the lockstitch seam edging.“

Prices and availability

The introduced products are available immediately in the online shop at, which also includes information about the current prices.

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