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haid-tec PolyPlusPad®

Great result, long service life!

PolyPlusPad® is a pad with high mechanical cleaning performance and long service life on various mineral and elastic floor coverings, such as fine stoneware, natural stones, structured tiles, vinyl, linoleum, rubber studded coverings, etc..

effective on numerous type of floor coverings

Excellent cleaning results on mineral and elastic floor coverings.

immediate<br />cost savings

Impressive cleaning results with less work overhead. Very long service life.

environmentally<br />friendly

Long service life and economical use of the cleaning solution. Easy cleaning in the washing machine.


The fine polyester fibres have a high mechanical cleaning effect and remove the dirt from the surface. The dirt does not stick to the fibre, remains in the loosened dirt and can therefore be vacuumed up with the scrubber machine. Unlike with a pure microfibre pad, the fibres do not become soiled.

The PolyPlusPad® can usually be mounted on the riving plate until the fine fibre is completely worn out. Washing is not necessary, but can nevertheless be carried out in the washing machine up to 60° C without any problems, e.g. object-specifically for use in hospitals or with heavy dirt in the winter months. The longevity is due to the high-quality polyester and back materials as well as the clean workmanship. The highly stressed edge area is sewn with edging tape and quilting seam.

When using MelaminPlusPads® alternately, basic cleaning can be avoided.

Benefits and performance

  • Use for maintenance cleaning

  • Can be used with all common cleaning agents

  • Long service life of up to 100,000 square metres and more

  • Washable up to 60° C in the washing machine (wit out fabric softener, no dryer)

  • With robust back material, stitched with quilting seam

  • Fine polyester fibres with high cleaning effect, pile height approx. 8-10mm

Product range

PolyPlusPads – ideal for scrubber machines for effective maintenance cleaning. With robust back material, 85mm inner hole for easy installation on the machine driving plate by means of inner hole holder / centre-lock. All commercially available sizes – from 11” (280mm) to 21” (530mm)
PU: 6 items per box.

PolyPlusPads OE – for orbital/eccentric machines. With robust Velcro back.
Available sizes:
rectangular 14×20”, 14×24”, 14×28” – PU: 5 items per box, and in
round shape 17” (430mm) – PU: 5 items per box.

Other sizes and special designs available upon request!



Continuous further development and adaptation of the pads to customer requirements as well as new machine trends Prototypes and special productions.


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Many years of successful service with impressive references from market leaders from industry, trade and commerce.

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You ask, we answer

How can I order MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads?

After a successful check and activation, you can conveniently order all of our products in our online shop. melaminpad-shop.com

What is the difference between MelaminPlusPad and PolyPlusPad?

MelaminPlusPads consist of refined melamine foam and have the best possible mechanical cleaning performance. PolyPlusPads have special approx. 10 mm long fibers and good “depth effect”, especially on very structured surfaces. They are washable up to 60 ° C and have a very long service life.

If you have any questions about the use of haid-tec® cleaning products, please contact:
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