haid-tec MelaminPlusPad®

Optimal result, less effort!

MelaminPlusPads have been specially developed for cleaning mineral floor coverings, porcelain stoneware tiles, natural stone, concrete block and structured surfaces.

Effective on numerous<br>types of floor coverings

Excellent cleaning results on mineral and elastic floor coverings.

Immediate<br>cost saving

Impressive service life. The use of chemicals can be reduced in most cases. Basic cleaning can be avoided.


Re-use/recycling of German melamine resin foam. Reduction of aggressive chemicals


The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads consist of special material composition and thus enable an excellent mechanical cleaning performance.

After several years of research, we have succeeded in refining and pressing high-quality melamine resin foam and selected additives using special adhesives in such a way that extremely high tensile strength and service life are achieved. This results in completely new application possibilities.


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Benefits and performance

  • Excellent mechanical cleaning results

  • Use: Basic cleaning, maintenance cleaning and special cleaning

  • New condition of floor covering can be preserved to the greatest possible extent

  • Long service life of approx. 10,000 square metres per pad

  • Floor coverings can be cleaned with little effort and time

  • Easy to use with all common cleaning agents

Product range

MelaminPlusPads – ideal for scrubber machines for effective maintenance cleaning. With robust back material, 85mm inner hole incl. recess in the foam part for easy installation on the machine driving plate by means of inner hole holder/centre-lock. All commercially available sizes – from 11” (280mm) to 21” (530mm) PU: 6 items per box.

MelaminPlusPads basic for single disc machines for basic cleaning. With robust back material, 85 mm inner hole without recess in the foam part. Available sizes: 12″ and 16” (406mm) and 17” (430mm) PU: 5 items per box.

MelaminPlusPads OE for orbital/eccentric machines. With robust Velcro back. Available sizes: rectangular 14×20”, 14×24”, 14×28”, 14×32” – PU: 5 items per box, and in round shape 12″ and 17” (430mm) – PU: 5 items per box.

Melamine HandPad 115x250mm – for use with hand pad holders. With robust back material. PU: 15 items per box.

Other sizes and special designs available upon request!



Continuous further development and adaptation of the pads to customer requirements as well as new machine trends Prototypes and special productions.


We would also be pleased to arrange a consultation appointment with you onsite to clarify object-specific concerns Give us a call at
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Many years of successful service with impressive references from market leaders from industry, trade and commerce.



You ask, we answer

What advantage is there in comparison to pure melamine?

Pure melamine tears easily. Refined melamine foam, however, is more tear-proof. This leads to longer lifetimes – on polished surfaces for example up to ten hours instead of one hour with pure melamine pads.

Are references available for the haid-tec MelaminPlusPad®?

haid-tec MelaminPlusPads have been used successfully for years on floor coverings by market leaders in industry, trade and business.

Which types of cleaning can be carried out with the haid-tec MelaminPlusPad®?

Basic cleaning: Use of e.g. 16-inch MelaminPlusPad on a single-disc machine.

Daily cleaning: regular use in daily cleaning, equipping the scrubber-drier machines with the corresponding MelaminPlusPads.

What is the difference between MelaminPlusPad and PolyPlusPad?

MelaminPlusPads consist of refined melamine foam and have the best possible mechanical cleaning performance. PolyPlusPads have special approx. 10 mm long fibers and good “depth effect”, especially on very structured surfaces. They are washable up to 60 ° C and have a very long service life.

If you have any questions about the use of haid-tec® cleaning products, please contact:
our Hotline
+49 7393 / 918 39 18