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Within a few years, haid-tec was able to establish itself across the industry and acquire innovation leadership.

A small selection:

  • In the industrial sector, several thousand square meters of steps and flooring made of granite and porcelain stoneware were processed for the market-leading construction machine manufacturer Liebherr;
  • in the retail sector, several tens of thousands of square meters of stoneware for the Müller drugstore chain; and machined several hundred thousand square meters of porcelain stoneware covering for a market-leading retail company.

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Surface treatment

When is the right time to think about anti-slip surfaces?

As early as possible. Meaning in the early stages of planning. Then you can save costs, because you can already plan the delivery date for the finished flooring. In contrast, the worst time is once slippery material has already been installed. Then there are only two alternatives: either I tear out the flooring again to install a newly finished one. Or I work on the flooring directly on site, which usually causes more costs and delivers an unstable result. Then that would not be a certified surface finish.

What dimensions can be processed at the factory?

The systems are designed for slabs up to 2.40 × 3.10 meters in size.

What special properties do the surfaces treated by haid-tec® have?

Increased slip resistance for polished as well as matt floor and stair coverings, in particular made of mineral materials such as granite, marble, artificial stones, porcelain stoneware, ceramics. The aesthetic appearance is largely retained.

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