How cumbersome is the maintenance of floors after treatment with the micro-blasting method?

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In particular, companies specialized in laying have the advantage with us of being able to get finished and waterproofed surfaces delivered to them. So, there is no finishing work at the construction site to make the floor water and oil-proof. For regular floor maintenance, we have a care product for the special needs. As with other aspects of natural stone, there should be no experiments with wrong cleaning and care products! Those who follow the care instructions will have an easy-to-maintain, presentable floor. Even in highly frequented areas of the store.

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Surface treatment

Which rating groups does the haid-tec® procedure reach?

The haid-tec® process as a mechanical process to achieve a defined slip resistance reaches the slip resistance classes R9, R10, R11 for the commercial sector and classes A, B, C for barefoot areas.

What special properties do the surfaces treated by haid-tec® have?

Increased slip resistance for polished as well as matt floor and stair coverings, in particular made of mineral materials such as granite, marble, artificial stones, porcelain stoneware, ceramics. The aesthetic appearance is largely retained.

What dimensions can be processed at the factory?

The systems are designed for slabs up to 2.40 × 3.10 meters in size.

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