haid-tec company

haid-tec geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH

haid-tec geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH was founded in 2004, employs more than 30 people and is a German Chamber of Industry and Commerce training company based in Rottenacker, Baden-Württemberg.

This German family-owned business is a leader in innovation and sustainability and is one of the most well-known points of contact in Europe today for its two core competences, surface technology and cleaning technology.

Surface technology

Surface technology focuses on raising slip resistance to higher slip resistance classes. The haid-tec® process developed and patented by the company is highly successful in increasing slip resistance. This exclusively mechanical surface treatment process is especially suitable for preparing highly polished mineral floor and stair coverings made of granite and porcelain stoneware because it preserves the glossiness of these surfaces almost completely. Furthermore, treating surfaces with the haid-tec® process enhances their anti-slip properties, resulting in increased adhesion forces, increased displacement space, increased deformation friction and a suction cup effect.

Our customers are primarily retailers and chain stores who want to use a high-quality, glossy floor covering with certified slip resistance (according to German Statutory Accident Insurance (DGUV) Regulation 108-003 – former German Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention (BG) Regulation 181 and additionally according to DIN 51 130 for the evaluation groups R9, R10, R11 in working areas and A, B and C in barefoot areas).

Cleaning technology

The second area, cleaning technology, covers optical cleanliness and maintaining slip resistance. The company offers cleaning concepts that use cleaning agents specially developed for porcelain stoneware, such as initial cleaners, maintenance cleaners and basic cleaners.

In addition, the company develops, manufactures and sells special cleaning pads for machine cleaning. These include the company’s own brands, the haid-tec PolyPlusPad® cleaning pad designed for longevity and the haid-tec MelaminPlusPad® designed for cleaning efficiency.