How do I master difficult cleaning projects?

The range of services offered by cleaning service managers is very broad. Almost all companies in the industry offer one service, from small one-man operations to service corporations – basic cleaning.

Competition and price pressure are correspondingly high. The customers’ price expectations are often not in proportion to the high demands placed on the result. The orders must therefore be handled as efficiently as possible.

In this article you will learn how you can achieve nearly as good results as with orbital and excentric machines by equipping your classic single-disc machine with the right pads.

The better the mechanics, the less chemistry and time are needed

According to the Sinner’s Circle mechanism of action, there are four factors that have an influence on the cleaning result: Mechanics, chemistry, temperature and time. These four factors depend on each other. If one factor is reduced, the other factors must be increased.

Time is the most expensive factor. The costs of chemistry should not be neglected either. Often an expensive special product in high dosage is necessary to achieve the desired result. This quickly drives up the costs. The „big chemical club“ is usually not the most environmentally friendly either. The temperature is usually determined by the conditions on site. Therefore, the fourth factor, mechanics, plays a particularly important role.

Orbital and excentric machines with excellent mechanical cleaning action

Cleaning machines with orbital excentric technology are becoming more and more widespread. The machines are characterised by their high dead weight, high-frequency oscillating movements and simple operation. The high-frequency, oscillating movements reach up to 3,000 vibrations per minute. The small circular movements of the OE machines achieve good cleaning results, especially with highly structured floor coverings: they process high and low-lying structures from all sides. The mechanical cleaning effect of cleaning machines with orbital excentric technology is superior to classic single-disc machines.

orbital-/excentric machine with MelaminPlusPad orbital-/excentric machine with MelaminPlusPad
orbital-/excentric machine orbital-/excentric machine

Is it possible to achieve similarly good cleaning results with a single-disc machine as with an orbital-/excentric machine? With MelaminPlusPads it is possible!

But what do you do if you only have a classic single-disc machine? After all, the single-disc machine is the tool of choice for basic cleaning. Every basic or special cleaning team has at least one on board when they go out.

The mechanical cleaning performance is lower than that of orbital-/excentric machines due to the slightly lower weight and only 100 to 300 revolutions per minute. By using MelaminPlusPads, this disadvantage can be made up for very easily. The melamine resin foam has an extremely high cleaning effect. Through compression, the service life of our MelaminPlusPads is many times longer than that of mono-melamine pads. Even on a heavy single-disc machine, you can clean an area of 2,000 m² and more with a MelaminPlusPad.

Single-disc-machine with MelaminPlusPad Single-disc-machine with MelaminPlusPad
Single-disc machine on a high-gloss tile Single-disc machine on a high-gloss tile


By equipping your classic single-disc machine with MelaminPlusPads, you can in many cases achieve almost as good results as with an orbital-/excentric machine. If the mechanical cleaning performance of the single-disc machine, even with MelaminPlusPads, is not sufficient to achieve the desired result, you can also obtain MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads from us for orbital-/excentric machines.

This way, you can always fully meet your customers’ expectations and offer them a competitive price.

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