Basic cleaning of porcelain stoneware with MelaminPlusPads and single-disc machine

Porcelain stoneware is a very popular and widely used flooring material due to its versatility and technical properties. It is available in a wide variety of looks and surfaces. There are a few points to consider when cleaning. In this article you will learn how to clean up costs with MelaminePlusPads when basic cleaning porcelain stoneware. That means saving a lot of time and cleaning chemicals.


Commercially used surfaces must comply with slip resistance classes

Depending on the use, the employers’ liability insurance association prescribes different slip resistance classes. The spectrum ranges from R9 to R13. The relatively low slip resistance class R9 is suitable, for example, for sales rooms in supermarkets or for offices. The so-called „safety tiles“ with slip resistance class R13 have an additional displacement space due to surface structures (for example, studs or sloping). These floor coverings are used, for example, in butcher’s shops where a lot of grease accumulates. Workshops and areas where lubricants such as engine oil are worked with are also equipped with „safety tiles“.

Determination of the coefficient of sliding friction of floor coverings
Safety tiles

Layers of dirt must be removed regularly by basic cleaning

The more slip-resistant the porcelain stoneware, the more dirt adheres to it. Often, daily maintenance cleaning is not designed to remove dirt completely. Therefore, the layer of dirt that gradually builds up must be removed at regular intervals by basic cleaning.

The single-disc machine is the tool of choice when it comes to basic cleaning. With its high dead weight, the ESM achieves a good mechanical cleaning effect. This mechanical cleaning effect can be considerably increased by using MelaminPlusPads.

Very good results can be achieved with haid-tec MelaminPlusPads for the basic cleaning of porcelain stoneware

The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads consist of a special binder and 100% melamine resin foam. This has an excellent cleaning effect. In the household sector, melamine resin foam is therefore called a „magic sponge“ or „dirt eraser“. The particularly good cleaning effect is due to the fact that the foaming of the melamine creates a flexible spatial structure of very fine, sharp-edged ridges. These sharp-edged ridges scrape the dirt off the floor covering like a million razors without damaging the surface.

Melamine resin foam under the microscope 200um Melamine resin foam under the microscope, source wfk/haid-tec research project
Melamine resin foam under the microscope 20um Melamine resin foam under the microscope, source wfk/haid-tec research project

MelaminPlusPads have significantly longer service lives than mono-melamine pads and are more tear-resistant

Melamine resin foam has two major disadvantages, which we overcame in the development of our MelaminPlusPads. Firstly, as the name „dirt eraser“ suggests, pure melamine foam wears out during use. Especially on a single-disc machine, this happens so quickly that pads made of pure melamine foam use themselves up after just a few square metres. Our MelaminPlusPads consist of small flakes of melamine resin foam. These are heavily compressed during production and stabilised by the binder. As a result, they have ten times the service life of pure mono melamine pads. On a single-disc machine, 1,500 m² can usually be cleaned with a MelaminPlusPads on a porcelain stoneware floor covering with slip resistance class R9. On a scrubbing machine, even more than 10,000 m² can be cleaned with one set of MelaminPlusPads.

Secondly, pure mono-melamine tears or breaks very quickly. Often an unevenly laid tile that sticks out slightly – a so-called „tooth“ – is enough to completely destroy pure mono-melamine pads. With our MelaminePlusPads, the crack, if it occurs at all due to the higher strength, only forms on individual flakes. The pad therefore remains intact.

Tear resistance mono melamine pad
Tear resistance MelaminePlusPads

You can save on chemicals by using MelaminPlusPads

The advantages of our MelaminePlusPad are the very good mechanical cleaning effect and the long service life. These can be put to good use with the single-disc-mashine The high weight of the single-disc-mashine presses the fine razor-like ridges of the melamine foam into the microscopic recesses of the porcelain stoneware. Dirt particles are thus effectively removed.

Of course, the cleaning chemistry used also plays a decisive role in the basic cleaning of porcelain stoneware. Our MelaminePlusPads can be used with all common cleaning agents.

When using MelaminPlusPads, the dosage of the cleaning agent can usually be significantly reduced, as part of the chemical cleaning effect is replaced by mechanical cleaning power. Often, when using MelaminPlusPads, half the dosage is sufficient as with scouring pads or brushes.

Our cleaning products for the basic cleaning of porcelain stoneware

We have developed three special products for the basic cleaning of porcelain stoneware:

  1. MelaminPlusPad® basic for single-disc machines.
    The haid-tec MelaminPlusPads basic have a robust backing material, 20 mm foam height and an inner hole punching for good water flow. Available in 16 and 17 inch, they are suitable for all common single-disc machines.
  2. haid-tec® basic cleaner alkaline.
    The haid-tec® Basic Cleaner alkaline dissolves organic and greasy soiling and keeps them in solution with highly effective complexing agents.
  3. haid-tec® Basic Cleaner acidic
    The haid-tec® basic cleaner acid removes mineral soiling, such as lime, with a combination of organic and inorganic acids. It is also excellent for cement residue removal.

All haid-tec cleaning products are free of colourants and fragrances and are maximally concentrated (they only contain as much water as is necessary).

MelaminPlusPads not only save chemicals but also time

Due to the strong mechanical cleaning effect, you not only save chemicals, but also time. The dirt is completely removed in one step – there is no need to work crosswise several times. The strong mechanical action also removes mineral soiling. If there has not been too much build-up of layers, a second, acidic cleaning cycle is no longer necessary.


With MelaminPlusPads you can clean up your costs, i.e. save a lot of time and cleaning chemicals during basic cleaning with the single-disc machine. This will convince your customers of your performance, according to the motto: SAFE and CLEAN floors for your customers. Find out more about MelaminPlusPads here.

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