Water is life

As our customer, you save water in Germany and support water projects in Vietnam at the same time

Sustainability has been lived since the foundation of haid-tec geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH in 2004 – we have already described this in detail in our blog post “haid-tec has lived sustainability from the beginning”. Now we want to go one step further together with you. Support our campaign “Water is life”.

Water is precious!

Our managing director Thomas Haid-Thoma is an industrial and environmental engineer. So it is a matter of course for us to put environmentally friendly and resource-saving action at the centre of our work. It is lived from the top down. The world’s scarcest and thus most precious resource is clean water. In Germany, we are in the very fortunate position that clean drinking water is available everywhere as a matter of course. However, due to climate change and the associated dry spells that last far too long, the drinking water supply is also coming under increasing pressure in this country. It is therefore important to use water as a resource consciously and sparingly. By buying our products, you are personally and actively contributing to this project.

haid-tec cleaning products save water and time

In our Cleaning Technology division, we always focus on the precious resource of water. With our MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads you save time, chemicals and water thanks to the high mechanical cleaning performance.You also do not burden the environment with our highly efficient cleaning agents. We use surfactants made from renewable raw materials that are completely biodegradable. We also deliberately avoid fragrances and dyes, as these often do not biodegrade well and thus pollute water unnecessarily.

The haid-tec slip resistance lasts forever

Our purely mechanical surface treatment to increase slip resistance offers an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to etching porcelain stoneware tiles and natural stone with toxic hydrofluoric acid. We treat the process water we use for microblasting and recirculate it. This way we can be sure to use very little water. Unlike anti-slip coatings, the anti-slip we create is permanent. A new coating is therefore not necessary.

We cover our entire domestic water needs with rainwater. So we are doing a lot to conserve water as a resource here in Germany.

Unfortunately, clean water is even scarcer in many parts of the world than it is here. According to UNICEF, almost 1,000 children under the age of five die every day from diarrhoeal diseases caused by contaminated drinking water, lack of toilets and poor hygiene.

haid-tec Social Partner of WATER SOLUTIONS international e.V.

During his studies to become an environmental engineer at the Technical University of Berlin, Thomas Haid-Thoma met Frank Pogade, Chairman of WATER SOLUTIONS international, and kept in touch throughout the years.

WATER SOLUTIONS international e.V. is a non-profit organisation that is committed to clean drinking water and wastewater treatment in developing and emerging countries worldwide.

Currently, haid-tec is supporting a project in Vietnam. The project will provide access to clean drinking water for over 900 children at 3 schools with an attached kindergarten. The construction of new sanitation and wastewater treatment facilities is also planned. Furthermore, structures will be created to train local people in the maintenance of the facilities.

An important part of the project is to teach hygiene to the pupils and kindergarten children.

We donate 2.5% of the order value of your online order of MelaminPlusPads, PolyPlusPads and haid-tec Cleaning Chemicals until 31. 12.2021. Help us – Together we can ensure the continuation of the project – because water is life!

Here is the link to WATER SOLUTIONS international:


By using haid-tec cleaning products, you not only save time, chemicals and water in Germany, but at the same time you support water projects in developing countries worldwide together with us.

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