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During the Corona pandemic, sustainability has been out of focus for many. For 14 months now, retailers have been mainly concerned with the procurement of disinfectants and disposable gloves at first, and later rapid tests and FFP masks. For the cleaners on site, too, everything revolves around hygiene during the Corona crisis – we make it our mission to bring the issue of sustainability back to the forefront.

In this blog article, you will learn how sustainability has determined our actions since the beginning.

Sustainability a core objective from the outset

Since the foundation of haid-tec geprüfte Oberflächentechnik GmbH in 2004, sustainability has been one of the core objectives of our entrepreneurial activities. Our managing director Thomas Haid-Thoma is not only an industrial engineer but also an environmental engineer. Environmental protection and resource conservation are therefore practised by us right from the top.

This is already evident when you look down on our production site from above. The entire roof of our production building is covered with photovoltaics and thus generates a large part of the electricity we need. The new production and storage hall will also be equipped with photovoltaics. After completion, we will arithmetically generate our entire electricity needs ourselves. We already have two electric vehicles in our small fleet and operate a charging station.

All the rainwater that falls on our premises is collected in six huge cisterns and covers our entire service water needs. Process water and blasting material that we need for our surface technology is filtered, sieved and reused.

Sustainable slip resistance

With our purely mechanical method for increasing slip resistance, we offer the market an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to etching porcelain stoneware and natural stone with toxic hydrofluoric acid. Unlike any coating, our slip resistance lasts as long as the material itself. With high-quality porcelain stoneware and proper cleaning, this can easily be several decades.

Sustainable cleaning chemistry for porcelain stoneware

Our goal has always been that every property with floor coverings processed by us is a reference. That is why we have developed efficient and sustainable cleaning products from the very beginning. In addition to effective dirt removal, our cleaning chemistry is optimised for environmental compatibility. The high-tech surfactants contained are based on renewable raw materials and are completely biodegradable. We consistently avoid fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Our cleaning chemistry is highly concentrated and contains only as much water as necessary.

We are proud that our best-selling cleaning agent, our „Porcelain Stoneware Cleaner“, has been awarded the European Eco-Label for the third time in a row.

In addition to cleaning chemicals, we have developed two types of pads that have an excellent mechanical cleaning effect and can thus save chemicals and water.

MelaminPlusPad MelaminPlusPad
PolyPlusPad PolyPlusPad
haid-tec® Fine Stoneware Cleaner *previous designation haid-tec maintenance cleaner ecolabel DE/020/474 and DE/020/166 haid-tec® Fine Stoneware Cleaner *previous designation haid-tec maintenance cleaner ecolabel DE/020/474 and DE/020/166
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Sustainable cleaning mechanics: MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads

For the production of our MelaminPlusPads, we use residual materials, e.g. from the car industry, which would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated. We attach great importance to using only melamine resin foam from German production. Melamine resin foam has a unique mechanical cleaning effect. This saves cleaning chemicals and water. By pressing and gluing, our MelaminPlusPads have 5-10 times the service life of conventional eraser sponge pads.

Just like the backing material of our pads, our PolyPlusPads are made from recycled disposable PET drinking bottles. With their fine fibres, the PolyPlusPads reach into the smallest recesses of the floor coverings and can thus clean them effectively. With up to 100,000 m², they have a very long service life.

round PolyPlusPad® and MelaminPlusPad® round PolyPlusPad® and MelaminPlusPad®
rectangular PolyPlusPad® and MelaminePlusPad® rectangular PolyPlusPad® and MelaminePlusPad®
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Sustainable cleaning concepts

We create individual cleaning concepts for our customers. In addition to economic efficiency, our main focus is on sustainability. Our cleaning concepts aim to achieve such a good level of cleaning with maintenance cleaning that cost-intensive and environmentally damaging basic cleaning is no longer necessary.


For us, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to offer innovative and environmentally friendly products and services in the future. To this end, we invest in research and development and work together with renowned institutes.



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