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Cleaning safety tiles in the butcher’s shop

The floor in a butcher’s shop, but also in other areas of the food industry, has a signalling effect. The unconscious message is: it is clean here, we pay attention to hygiene and we think about the safety of our customers and our employees.


These are the challenges of cleaning tiles in the butcher’s shop

Many areas in the meat processing industry use slip-resistant floor coverings made of porcelain stoneware, which must meet certain requirements according to the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance). The problem with this is that the floors are more demanding to clean. The higher the slip-resistance class, the higher the surface structure in which dirt gets stuck. Water, detergent and a mop or scrubbing brush are not enough in the long run. And neither is the tight time budget for cleaners.

The solution: Our individually coordinated cleaning concept


We solved the problem with a coordinated cleaning concept for safety tiles in the butcher’s shop using haid-tec products:

An example from our daily work: safety tiles in the butcher's shop

A butcher’s shop was faced with the problem that the floor in the meat preparation area was so dirty that a possible inspection by the WKD threatened to close the butcher’s shop. The floor consisted of nubbed “safety tiles” with slip resistance class R12 V4, which could not be cleaned despite great efforts. The butcher used a scrubbing brush for daily maintenance cleaning – he had also hired an external cleaning company because of the poor cleaning results. The success was limited despite a lot of effort with a single-disc machine and a high-pressure cleaner. In addition, the work area was closed off for hours.

With our PolyPlusPads, the dirt moves directly into the dirt liquor

We use a tried and tested oscillating orbital eccentric machine with special textile pads that are much more effective than scrubbing brushes and machine brushes. Instead of pure microfibre, we use our PolyPlusPads, because with these the dirt does not adhere to the fibre, but migrates directly into the dirt liquor. This extremely increases the effectiveness and functional life of the pads compared to pure microfibre pads. The special oscillation of the orbital eccentric machine (e.g. from Klindex, type MiniOrbit) gets all the advantages out of the PolyPlusPad®.

The effect was immediately visible

Like an eraser, the machine drew a light stripe in the darkly soiled floor. For 20 square metres, we needed just half an hour – during the unsuccessful cleaning attempts, the butcher or his employee cleaned for an hour each beforehand – every afternoon and, above all, without success. We had a little more trouble with the refrigeration cell, where mineral residues emerged from under the layer of fat and dirt that had been removed. We broke up these calcareous complex compounds with an acidic basic cleaner for porcelain stoneware.

The choice of cleaning agent is important. Basically, high-quality porcelain stoneware cleaners should be used for safety tiles. We rely on agents with specially selected surfactants that dissolve fats and oils from the surface but do not adhere to or even attack the ceramic. Environmental awareness and occupational health and safety call for as few aggressive chemicals as possible and a dosage specification that is understandable for all users.

The advantages

  1. Using an orbital eccentric machine with PolyPlusPad® produces an excellent cleaning result
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  3. This machine is extremely easy to handle compared to single-disc machines and, unlike a scrubber, requires no force
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  5. The floor looks like new
  6. For deep cleaning of more heavily soiled areas, we use an acidic porcelain stoneware basic cleaner from our range
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  8. The pre-set dosage of our haid-tec® porcelain stoneware cleaner measurably reduces chemicals
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  10. Employees save half an hour of work per day
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Cleaning safety tiles with Klindex MiniOrbit


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