Conserving resources and saving costs in food retailing: this is how it works

Operators of retail outlets are currently having to contend with particularly adverse circumstances. Many consumers consciously pay attention to the price when shopping and the cost pressure has increased enormously, especially in the discounters. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find cleaners. As the standard wage has risen, cleaning service providers find themselves in a quandary. The increased wage costs cannot be passed on to customers in a timely manner. As a result, the employees of cleaning service providers are under more time pressure than ever before. Nevertheless, this must not be at the expense of cleaning quality. Do what?

An inviting and clean ambience in the salesroom does not only serve to make customers feel comfortable in the supermarket and come back; clean and non-slip floors are elementary for the safety of employees and shoppers. The increased price pressure must not lead to cutbacks in cleaning quality. We at haid-tec are of the opinion that a high cleaning quality can definitely be reconciled with the desire to conserve resources. In any case, store managers can be environmentally conscious and save costs at the same time. Here’s how:

Protecting the environment and resources in everyday cleaning

It is impossible to avoid using water and detergent when cleaning floor tiles. In order to protect the environment, it is important that the cleaning agent itself is biodegradable and that as little water as possible is used.

In addition to the environment, handling toxic cleaning agents also endangers the health of cleaning personnel. Many cheap cleaners contain, for example, phosphates, silicates or other environmentally harmful ingredients. With our cleaning agents specially developed for porcelain stoneware tiles, we also deliberately avoid fragrances and dyes, as these are often poorly biodegradable and unnecessarily pollute water. In addition, overdosing of cleaning agents is one of the most common mistakes we observe during our on-site visits to grocery stores. If cleaners follow the specified dosing instructions exactly, this benefits the environment and the wallet.

High cleaning quality in less time

Store employees who are tasked with cleaning floors, or the cleaning staff of an outside service provider, are increasingly feeling the pressure to get their work done in less time. Whereas employees used to drive over the entire floor area of a grocery store four times, in the future they will only drive twice or once in order to save time.

We at haid-tec know that this is quite sufficient, under one condition: You exchange the brush sets of the cleaning machine with the pads from haid-tec. With them, an above-average cleaning result is achieved when driving once at walking speed; the cleaning machine with pads is able to loosen and remove the dirt from the tile in a few seconds.

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Why is that?

The pads made of melamine resin foam are better able to remove dirt than normal brushes. The porous foam acts like sandpaper and, because it is flexible, can even get into the fine recesses of the porcelain stoneware tile. The dirt deposited there is removed during a cleaning process.

A welcome side effect: the particularly good mechanical cleaning performance means that less water and less cleaning agent are needed during the cleaning process.

Environmentally friendly cleaning with melamine pads: less time, less water, less costs

The better mechanical dirt removal saves cleaning agents, working time and water. What benefits the environment also pays off for the operator: If an external cleaning service provider is commissioned, the salesroom or the entire floor area to be cleaned can be cleaned more quickly, which consequently reduces costs. If your own employees take over the cleaning, they achieve the desired cleaning result in a shorter time and can take over other activities in the time saved.

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In today’s world, cleaning company employees are under enormous time pressure. By using haid-tec cleaning agents and pads, you save costs, relieve your staff and protect the environment – nowadays this is more important than ever.

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