Brush versus pads: cost and cleaning level in comparison

Brush versus pads - we put it to the test

The sun often brings it to light: when the light shines through the windows onto the surface of the floor of a grocery store, you can immediately see areas that shine clean or those that have streaks. The customers in the supermarket will notice it rather unconsciously: either they feel comfortable because everything is clean, or uncomfortable because the ambience looks a bit rotten. That’s why we’re putting it to the test: brush vs pads. Which works better?

In general, a lot depends on the operator of the store, how high the demand for cleanliness of the salesroom is and how much effort one is willing to put into it. Is the claim that at any time the floor should have a “tip-top” appearance? It is then necessary to find out how a consistently high level of cleaning can be maintained without costs skyrocketing at the same time.

We at haid-tec put it to the test and compared both the costs and the condition of the porcelain stoneware tiles after cleaning using two different approaches.

The initial situation: We assume an average-sized store with 1,500 square meters of space. The running costs for the cleaning agents, the brushes or pads as well as the costs for the necessary basic cleaning were calculated over a period of two years.

In case 1, the cleaning machine is equipped with brushes and conventional cleaning agents are used. In case 2, the machine is used with MelaminPlusPads and PolyPlusPads alternately and the porcelain stoneware cleaner from haid-tec is used for maintenance cleaning. Then, at the end of each month, we assessed the level of cleaning and the state of soiling and smoothing.

One important result in advance: In order to maintain a constantly high level of cleaning, the use of MelaminPlusPads not only leads to a better cleaning result, but also to significant cost savings, because the high costs for basic cleaning are saved.

Brush versus pad Scenario 1: Cleaning machine with brushes and conventional chemistry in use

Diagram 1

Diagram 1 shows:

Initial costs of 150 Euro for the brush set (service life 2 years) and for each subsequent month 25 Euro for a canister of standard cleaning agent. Due to the mechanics of the brush it is not possible to achieve a constantly high cleaning result, therefore the cleaning level drops by about 10 percent every month, so that after 10 months at the latest the floor is in a condition that is no longer satisfactory. The store manager will notice that too. To restore the floor to its original condition, a basic cleaning is ordered. We calculate the costs at 2 Euro per square meter of sales area corresponding to 3,000 Euro per execution without taking into account further organizational costs such as Sunday/night surcharges, security service and the like. Result: The total costs for two years amount to 6,900 euros.

Brush versus pad Scenario 2: Cleaning machine with MelaminPlusPads/ PolyPlusPads and porcelain stoneware cleaner from haid-tec in use

Diagram 2

We will be happy to provide you with a detailed cost calculation upon request.

Diagram 2 shows:

In the first month there are approx. 60 Euro additional costs for the initial equipment of the cleaning machine: Travelling discs and MelaminPlusPads as well as the cleaning chemicals from haid-tec. In the following months of the next two years, the monthly costs for cleaning chemicals and pads are approx. 25 to 60 euros higher than in scenario 1. As soon as the cleaning level has reached 80 percent, a switch is made to MelaminePlusPads, which are then used for cleaning for four weeks before switching back to PolyPlusPads; the latter then remain on the cleaning machine for three months. A very high level of purification of between 80 and 90 percent is achieved throughout the year. For this reason, no basic cleaning is necessary. The costs – seen over two years – amount to a total of approx. 1,955 euros. That’s less than a third of the costs incurred in Scenario 1!

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High standards of cleanliness also cost more. Not true!

The maintenance cleaner from haid-tec is specially designed for cleaning fine stoneware and has been awarded the EU Ecolabel. The MelaminPlusPads, made of melamine resin foam, achieve a mechanical cleaning effect on porcelain stoneware floors that cannot be achieved with any scrubbing pad or brush. Melamine is a very hard plastic – when foamed it creates a flexible spatial structure of extremely fine, razor-sharp ridges. These finest ridges act like millions of microscopic razor blades, shearing off dirt even in the smallest and finest microscopic depressions of the surfaces.

The cleaner dissolves the dirt and the pads pick up the dirt from the surface of the porcelain stoneware tile. The contaminants end up in the dirty water and virtually no residue remains on the tiles. Since no layer remains – neither from dirt nor cleaning chemicals – a high level of cleaning is maintained, even if the MelaminPlusPads are used alternately with the PolyPlusPads.

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Conclusion - Brush versus Pads Comparison

Higher additional costs per month are more than compensated for in the overall view over two years, as no expensive basic cleaning is necessary. By using the high quality and sustainable cleaning agents and pads, a large amount of costs can be saved.

René Schönherr, authorized signatory of the cleaning company PURA Gebäudereinigung GmbH in Neusäß near Augsburg, can confirm that with the use of haid-tec cleaning products, the stores in the food retail sector can be cleaned very efficiently.

“We have been using haid-tec products from Rottenacker for many years in various stores of different chain stores. With our trained staff, we can use them to carry out extremely efficient maintenance cleaning and deliver a very high level of cleaning to our customers on a permanent basis. There are no problems with greying and smoothing of the porcelain stoneware floors; thus we deliver cleanliness and safety for all employees, customers and suppliers. The tiresome discussions about the unsatisfactory cleaning result and especially about who bears the costs for the necessary basic cleaning are completely eliminated. I am very satisfied with the level of cleaning and glad that I no longer have to sacrifice a Sunday to organise and carry out an extra basic cleaning. Especially in the current times of a shortage of skilled workers, it’s important to clean our customers’ properties as efficiently and resourcefully as possible.”

René Schönherr


Diagram 2
To PURA Gebäudereinigung GmbH:
The core business is all cleaning work in the classical sense. Here PURA specializes in particularly difficult objects with a high degree of contamination. The expertise of the cleaning staff through profound training and the use of high-quality materials and machines guarantees optimal cleaning processes.
In addition, PURA has been offering infrastructural and technical services since the beginning, which professional facility management requires in order to comprehensively and economically meet individual customer requirements through innovative solutions.

What standards do you have for the cleanliness of your sales outlet? We will be happy to demonstrate the effectiveness of MelaminPlusPads on site and show that a consistently high level of cleaning does not lead to additional costs.

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