New development at haid-tec: Pads for the Numatic NUC244NX

With the haid-tec pads for Numatic NUC244NX, the performance of the compact machine can be significantly increased once again. Get the best out of your NUC244NX now!

Compact manoeuvrable scrubber-driers are currently enjoying great popularity.

This is mainly due to the general advantages of machine cleaning compared to manual cleaning: higher area performance and better cleaning results. With machine cleaning, significantly better cleaning results are achieved in one work step with much less time expenditure. This is because fresh and clean cleaning liquor is always applied, the dirt is mechanically loosened and the dirt liquor is finally vacuumed off.

Manual cleaning is time-consuming - but flexible

To achieve similarly good cleaning results by hand, a two-stage wet mopping process must be used. The cleaning liquor and mop covers must be changed frequently. In this way, only low area performances are achieved in the manual wiping process.

The great advantage of manual cleaning is its flexibility. Overlapping and small areas as well as niches can be cleaned manually without any problems. Automatic cleaning machines are too unwieldy for such surfaces.

More area performance and better results with compact scrubber-driers

Recently, various cleaning machine manufacturers have developed compact, manoeuvrable models that aim to combine the respective advantages of manual and mechanical cleaning.

The Kenter company was the pioneer in this new machine class with the i-mop. The flexible guide tiller, which can be tilted in all directions, allows cleaning far under tables and radiators. Thanks to the very compact design and the absence of wheels, the machine can be turned on the spot and work can be carried out very close to the edges.

To make such a compact design possible, it was necessary to use lithium technology with smaller, much lighter batteries.

NUC244NX is a new competitor in the compact scrubber-dryer class

With the NUC244NX, another well-known manufacturer has now entered the market with the company Numatic. Numatic also relies on lithium batteries to keep the weight down. The upright design of the NUC244NX and i-mop is similar. On both machines, the fresh and dirty water tanks are attached to the tiltable drawbar.

Both machines also have in common the significantly higher area output that is achieved compared to manual cleaning. Due to the contrasting brushes or pad plates, the machines pad discs, the machines already have a good mechanical cleaning performance per se – which is further enhanced by the use of MelaminPlusPads or PolyPlusPads.


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Get even better mechanical cleaning performance out of the NUC244NX with MelaminePlusPads

As with the i-mop, haid-tec reacted immediately to the NUC244NX, specially adapted the MelaminPlusPads and optimised them for the NUC244NX compact scrubber-dryer. The pad height and diameter were precisely adjusted. This way, the full working width is utilised without leaving a strip uncleaned between the two pads. The centre locks of the NUC244NX drive pads are slightly smaller than on other models. Haid-tec adapted the recess in the foam part accordingly. As a result, the pads are easy to mount and the largest possible area of melamine resin foam is in contact with the floor covering.

Most of the work was put into optimising the production process (composition, processing and pressing of the melamine foam). This made it possible to further improve the service life of the pads while maintaining the excellent cleaning properties of the melamine foam. Thus, area performances of 10,000 m² and more per pad set can be achieved. The mechanical cleaning performance of melamine foam is significantly better than that of conventional scrubbing pads, brushes or other types of foam. This means that the already good mechanical cleaning performance of the NUC244NX can be significantly increased once again.

PolyPlusPads for long battery life

In addition to melaminePlusPads, haid-tec also offers PolyPlusPads suitable for the NUC244NX machine. Unlike microfibres, the active fibres of the PolyPlusPads do not become clogged with dirt. They are constantly rinsed by the fresh water during use. In this way, they retain their good cleaning performance throughout their entire service life. For areas with particularly high hygiene requirements, the PolyPlusPads can be washed at up to 60°C. With a pile height of 10 mm, they are well suited for highly structured floor coverings. The PolyPlusPads have significantly less friction than melaminePlusPads, allowing for long battery life.


With MelaminePlusPads and PolyPlusPads, the already good mechanical cleaning performance of the NUC244NX compact scrubber-dryer can be significantly increased again. This is how you get the best out of your NUC244NX.

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