The best combination to make your i-mop even more efficient.

Convert i-mop from brush to pad now – for better cleaning results

Floor cleaning is rarely a job that comes easily. It’s different with the i-mop. Since the small, manoeuvrable automatic vacuum cleaner has been on the market, many cleaners are finding it easier. Because with it you can easily get into all corners, niches and under tables. Equipped with the MelaminPlusPads or PolyPlusPads from haid-tec, your i-mop becomes a wet scrubbing machine that cleans floors even more efficiently, cost effectively and quickly. For better cleaning results: Convert i-mop from brush to pad now

The i-mop proves itself as an alternative to manual mopping with a mop and bucket, especially when space is tight – in storerooms, storage rooms, toilets, saunas, stairwells and entrance areas.

Tiles laid in such areas are very durable, because they are made of ceramic – so-called porcelain stoneware tiles. These are also installed where there is generally a lot of public traffic and where many people come and go – for example in leisure facilities, indoor swimming pools, office buildings, supermarkets and public facilities.

Robust, but challenging to clean

What the layman doesn’t know – and unfortunately many cleaners don’t either – is that these tiles need to be professionally cleaned. Especially in sales areas where greasy goods are handled, in wet areas as well as on ramps and in entrance areas, porcelain stoneware tiles are laid that are highly structured to be slip-resistant. The porosity of the flooring, often not visible to the naked eye, makes cleaning a challenge.

Improperly cleaned, such a floor will no longer look tip-top in a few weeks. He’s getting increasingly gray and grungy. This is due to the fact that the residues of cleaning agents and the ingredients of the water such as limescale as well as dirt particles get stuck in the fine recesses of the tile and continue to “pile up” layer by layer.

Pads with depth effect - therefore convert the i-mop from brush to pad!

The i-mop is supplied with brushes as standard. These do not have the ability to penetrate the fine structures. The dirt is only removed superficially or only rubbed back and forth. Not so with the pads from haid-tec. Equipped with the MelaminPlusPad, the i-mop can really show what it can do. Only with a pad that gets the dirt out of the porcelain stoneware tile, in combination with the right cleaning agent, will the floor covering be clean without residue. And that is already the case when driving over the surface once.

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Not only the optics suffer

If structured floor coverings such as porcelain stoneware tiles are cleaned with brushes for a longer period of time, they become visibly dirty, grey or even black and lose their slip resistance. Then there is the danger that customers, suppliers and employees slip.

Such accidents are not even rare. In 2020, 9,240 accidents were reported to the German Social Accident Insurance in which a slippery floor “due to water, rain, snow, black ice” was the cause. 5,305 accidents were reported due to slippery ground contaminated with oil and grease.

If a guest or customer slips on an indoor floor and is injured, the operator and owner of the building may be held liable. Many such claims for damages end up in court. Therefore, operators and property managers would do well to ensure that floors are clean and do not lose their slip resistance over time.

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Conclusion: Upgrade i-mop from brush to pads now - that's the best combo so no one takes off....

With the i-mop Lite, i-mop XL and i-mop XXL, the manufacturer has developed three versions of a scrubber-dryer that is geared to the needs of cleaning service providers and facility managers. Equipped with the combi-kit from haid-tec – the matching drive plate and pads – your manoeuvrable automatic vacuum cleaner becomes a device with which you can keep floor coverings perfectly clean and non-slip in the long term.

You can find out more about pads and drive plates for the three variants of the i-mop in our online shop.

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