haid-tec Stain Remover PLUS – effective against adhesive residues and highly adhesive soiling

For over a year and a half now, the world has been suffering from the Corona pandemic. Apart from sometimes very drastic restrictions that are necessary, the problem of distance markings that are difficult to remove seems rather banal. But after all this time, removal with conventional cleaning agents is tedious and time-consuming.

Distance markings must be renewed regularly

Unfortunately, especially in retail, spacing rules and corresponding markings will probably be necessary for a long time. Over time, they wear out, give off an unsightly image and have to be renewed.

The problem is that the adhesives harden over time and form a very strong bond with the floor covering. Our classic stain remover contains a relatively small amount of alcohols and only water as a „solvent“. This aqueous solution can remove a wide range of stains by means of high-performance surfactants and special complexing agents.

Stain Remover PLUS removes adhesive residues quickly, easily and without residue

However, our „classic“ stain remover reaches its limits with adhesive residues from markings that have stuck to the floor coverings for weeks – sometimes months. To remove them, we have developed the Stain Remover PLUS. It contains only a relatively small amount of water and considerably more alcohols to soften the adhesives first. It also contains emulsifiers and complexing agents to keep the dissolved adhesives in solution. For markings or adhesive strips that have only been on the floor for a few days or a few weeks, a short soaking time of one minute is sufficient to dissolve the adhesive residues. For older adhesive residues, the Stain Remover PLUS should be left to work for longer (up to 5 minutes) before removing the adhesive residues, preferably with a MelaminePlusPad.

haid-tec Stain Remover PLUS haid-tec Stain Remover PLUS
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Remove strongly adhesive soiling without hazardous solvents

The highly emulsifying and complexing property of Stain Remover PLUS also has great advantages for other types of soiling. Conventional “label removers” and oil removers, for example, rely on high-boiling organic solvents to remove non-polar soiling. These solvents are hardly biodegradable and often hazardous to health. In addition to water, haid-tec Stain Remover PLUS contains only alcohols as “solvents”, such as those used for hand disinfection. Nevertheless, the Stain Remover Plus is able to dissolve even highly adhesive stains. We were even able to largely replace our oil remover with it, a special cleaner that we previously offered for strongly adhesive oils and, for example, lacquers.


With the Stain Remover PLUS you can remove strongly adhesive soiling such as fresh or even completely hardened adhesive residues and strongly adhesive oils without using substances that are harmful to the environment and to health.

Fachartikel aus „Rationell Reinigen“ - Ausgabe August 2021.
Fachartikel aus „Rationell Reinigen“ – Ausgabe August 2021.
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