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Dirt erasers have become indispensable in the household – they remove dirt in a miraculously simple way that cannot be removed with anything else. Have the little ones been particularly creative and scribbled on the wall or the expensive leather sofa? With dirt erasers, the artwork disappears effortlessly. Unsightly heel marks on porcelain stoneware tiles also disappear as if by magic. With melamine resin foam, you can get rid of even the most stubborn dirt effortlessly. This can usually be done with just water and without any cleaning chemicals.

haid-tec dirt eraser 6-pack haid-tec dirt eraser 6-pack
haid-tec Dirt Eraser haid-tec Dirt Eraser
haid-tec Dirt Eraser Size haid-tec Dirt Eraser Size

Melamine resin foam - a material with magical properties

The grey-white haid-tec dirt erasers are made of the same material as the conventional white dirt erasers – namely melamine resin. In its original form, melamine resin is a very hard plastic. That is why it is used, for example, to make camping utensils. For the production of „dirt erasers“, the material is foamed. This creates millions of small bubbles and a three-dimensional net structure of sheep-edged webs at the transitions. By foaming, the melamine resin becomes flexible and can adapt to the surface. This allows it to get into the finest structures and recesses and remove dirt.

Melamine resin foam under the microscope 200um Melamine resin foam under the microscope, source wfk/haid-tec research project
Melamine resin foam under the microscope 20um Melamine resin foam under the microscope, source wfk/haid-tec research project

haid-tec dirt erasers are environmentally friendly and durable

Normal white erasers have the problem that they wear out very quickly during use. The dirt erasers from haid-tec are much more durable and environmentally friendly than conventional dirt erasers. For the production of our erasers, we use residues that are left over, for example, from the production of lightweight soundproofing parts for the automotive industry. These residues would otherwise end up in waste incineration or landfill. We crush the residual materials into small flakes and press them together again with a binding agent. This significantly increases the strength of haid-tec dirt erasers compared to conventional white dirt erasers.

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Scouring fleece for pre-cleaning and even more stability

So that you can easily pre-clean coarse dirt, we equip our dirt erasers with a scratch-free scouring fleece on one side. This also ensures better ergonomics and greater stability. You can use this scouring pad to remove coarse dirt before you use the melamine sponge for deep cleaning.

haid-tec dirt eraser scrubbing fleece on top, melamine resin foam on bottom Scouring fleece on top, melamine resin foam on bottom


The correct dirt eraser application looks like this: To activate the cleaning action of the haid-tec dirt eraser, simply moisten it with water and gently squeeze out excess water. Using gentle pressure, rub the gray and white foam side in circular motions over the surface to be cleaned. Then wipe the surface again with a damp cloth.

The haid-tec dirt erasers must not be used dry.

The haid-tec dirt erasers can be used on many different surfaces and for many types of dirt.

7 cases in which the haid-tec dirt erasers work small miracles

With the haid-tec dirt erasers, countless soiling can be removed effortlessly. Here is a small selection of applications where the haid-tec dirt erasers work particularly well:

  1. Wall scribbling with crayons: The haid-tec dirt erasers remove wall scribbles and replace many a painting job.
  2. Leather cleaning: Especially light-colored leather often unfortunately soils unsightly over time. With a haid-tec dirt eraser it often succeeds to restore the original color.
  3. Graffiti/Permanentmarker: Smearings, for example, on wall tiles can be removed with the haid-tec dirt eraser.
  4. Fingerprints on stainless steel: With one wipe, fingerprints are gone from stainless steel surfaces and without the need for special stainless steel cleaners.
  5. Heel marks on porcelain stoneware: Stubborn heel marks that do not go away when wiping can be easily removed with a haid-tec dirt eraser.
  6. Cleaning of garden furniture: Garden furniture, which have accumulated some dirt over the winter, for example, can be easily cleaned with haid-tec dirt erasers – Watch the application video below.
  7. Alu window sills / metal facades: Weathered window sills or metal facades easily set lichen and moss. With the haid-tec dirt erasers succeeds the cleaning effortlessly.

The haid-tec dirt erasers must not be used on sensitive surfaces such as shiny plastic, painted surfaces and the like. The material compatibility is to be tested before use in an inconspicuous place.

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haid-tec dirt erasers are real problem solvers for quick, environmentally friendly dirt removal. With easy handling and countless application possibilities, they are an indispensable helper in everyday life.

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