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Tile cleaning: Tips for professionals from professionals

Having devoted ourselves so far to basic knowledge about porcelain stoneware as well as trends in floor tiles, we have put together a few tips for you that will make cleaning floor tiles easier for you as a cleaning service provider, facility manager or store manager.

Clean tiles like the pros: with hand pad or scrubber dryer?

Cleaning tiles by hand? For large areas, this is both tedious and time-consuming, and therefore uneconomical. Nevertheless, the hand wiping method has its justification: namely, when smaller, overlooked areas need to be cleaned – for example, a storage room – or stairs and entrance areas.
Flat mop covers made of microfiber have proven themselves for hand mopping – they achieve significantly better results on porcelain stoneware compared to mop covers made of cotton. Even better, of course, with our pads in the practical telescopic handle .

Pro tip on the side: From an ergonomic point of view, you should rather use 40 cm wide mop covers. If the mop is wider – 10 cm definitely makes a big difference here – the high friction of the microfiber very quickly leads to signs of fatigue for the employee.

Scrubber dryers are worthwhile even for relatively small areas

In order to save frequent water changes and for employees to work as efficiently as possible, the purchase of a scrubber dryer pays off even for relatively small areas. Currently, there is a trend towards small, maneuverable machines, the so-called “compact scrubber-driers”. The i-mop was the pioneer in this machine class. In the meantime, Numatic has followed suit with the NUC244NX and TASKI with the Swingo 250 µicro and is definitely competing with the “top dog”. Other manufacturers are also entering the compact scrubber-dryer market as an alternative to hand mopping.

NUC244NX in action

Tile cleaning professional tip 1: Adapt the size of the cleaning machine to the surface

As a facility manager of a property or store manager of a grocery or drug store, you should keep the size of the property in mind when selecting a cleaning machine. It is obvious to choose the working width as wide as possible. However, it must of course be ensured that the machine can pass through all narrow points without any problems. The same applies to the width of the suction bar. As a cleaning service provider responsible for large properties, it makes sense to use a cleaning machine with a large working width for the large areas – If necessary, a ride-on machine, and a compact scrubber-dryer for narrow areas.

Tile cleaning professional tip 2: When buying pay attention to the size of the tank

The size of the fresh and dirty water tank should be adapted to the area to be cleaned. A tank size that is too small means that the actual work has to be interrupted frequently to drain the dirty water and refill the machine. However, too large a capacity is also not useful, because the water should not remain in the machine between cleaning intervals. As a rough guideline, calculate with approximately 10 liters of cleaning liquor per 100 m² of surface to be cleaned. The new “compact scrubber-driers” consume significantly less water. And: Before buying, also pay attention to the battery capacity.

Tile cleaning pro tip 3: Drive at walking pace

Cleaners are generally always pressed for time. This can tempt them to “step on the gas” more. But the time saved pays off because the result is only below average. If you move too fast with the machine, you don’t give the cleaning liquor enough time to do its job. It is also helpful if the scrubber-dryer is equipped with the MelaminPlusPads from haid-tec. Thanks to the particularly good mechanical cleaning performance, water and detergent can be saved. Even if the employee uses it “only” once to travel at walking pace over the floor surface to be cleaned, the result is: “clean and shiny”.

Tile cleaning professional tip 4: Purchase softening system

Lime is the “big culprit” that causes floor tiles to get dirty, in addition to the actual contaminants and residues from cleaning products. If you know that you are dealing with very hard water on site, we recommend purchasing a water softener. This literally kills many birds with one stone, as decalcified water also protects washing machines and dishwashers, and you generally need less detergent or cleaning agent.

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Clean tiles like the pros: with environmentally friendly cleaning agents from haid-tec

In professional cleaning, the use of aggressive cleaning agents and the proverbial chemical club is by no means necessary to achieve an optimal cleaning result.

The fact that the environment is not harmed has always been a priority for haid-tec in the development of its cleaning agents. The porcelain stoneware cleaner has already been awarded the EU Ecolabel since 2010. In all our other cleaning products, too, we consistently avoid the use of environmentally harmful ingredients such as colorants and fragrances.

Again and again we hear that surfactants must be dispensed with for environmentally friendly cleaning. That is not so true. The porcelain stoneware cleaner from haid-tec contains surfactants that do not harm the environment and do not form layers on the porcelain stoneware.

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Clean tiles like the pros: clean every floor professionally

As already in our first blog post about cleaning porcelain stoneware mentioned, ceramic tiles are among the most popular floor coverings; they are particularly suitable for all heavily used surfaces with a lot of foot traffic. In the “safety tile” variant – i.e. with a very highly structured and thus slip-resistant surface – they are installed in commercial kitchens, butcher shops, car repair shops or in entrance areas.

For tiles made of porcelain stoneware – whether matt, polished or glazed – the combination of pads from haid-tec and the porcelain stoneware cleaner will give you the best cleaning results in the long term; at the same time, you will be protecting the environment and your wallet.

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With professional maintenance cleaning that completely removes dirt, property owners and operators save themselves time-consuming and costly basic cleaning!
And to answer the initial question, yes. Pads made of melamine resin foam are better performers when it comes to floor cleaning!

Are you already using our pads and are you satisfied? Feel free to tell us about your experience! 👇We appreciate your message below in the comments.

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