A quick guide to haid-tec pads – which pad, with which backing, for which machine?

In this blog post we explain which cleaning pad we recommend for which cleaning machine and why.

Our motto is: Safe and clean floors for your customers!

In addition to our core area „non-slip processing of porcelain stoneware and natural stones“, we focus on efficient cleaning technology in our second core area. In this business area, we offer you highly efficient cleaning pads in addition to cleaning chemicals. The emphasis here is on cleaning, because


Cleaning ≠ Caring


Cleaning is the removal of dirt, care is the deliberate leaving of residues. In a way, cleaning and maintenance are two opposite things. Since residues always negatively affect the anti-slip properties of floor coverings, whether deliberately applied or in the form of dirt, our pads are designed for cleaning. We offer two types of pads – PolyPlusPads and MelaminPlusPads.

PolyPlusPads for depth effect and long service life

Our PolyPlusPads are made of the finest polyester active fibres, which are many times finer than scrubbing brushes or pads. These fine fibres get into the finest recesses of the floor coverings and can thus clean them out effectively.

MelaminPlusPads for maximum mechanical cleaning performance

Our MelaminPlusPadsare made of melamine resin foam, which has a unique mechanical cleaning effect. Melamine is a very hard plastic in its original form. That is why, for example, camping utensils are made of it. When the melamine resin is foamed, an open spatial structure is created. The melamine hardens at the transitions between the small bubbles and forms the finest razor-sharp ridges. Like millions of microscopic razor blades, these ridges also scrape very adherent dirt from the surface.

MelaminPlusPad MelaminPlusPad
PolyPlusPad PolyPlusPad
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Backing material optimised for each machine type

We have optimised our pads for different types of cleaning machines. The back material is crucial for good power transmission.

Robust scrubbing fleece for single-disc and scrubber-driers

For single-disc machines and scrubber-driers, we equip our pads with a robust scrubber fleece. This material is suitable for all types of traction discs. The hedgehog tips, Velcro hooks or bristles of the traction discs interlock with the scrubbing fleece of our pads and thus transfer the rotary motion of the machines.

Another important function of the backing material is to protect the floor covering and traction discs from damage, should the user forget to replace used pads in time.

MelaminPlusPad with Scrubbing Fleece MelaminPlusPad with Scrubbing Fleece
PolyPlusPad with scrubbing fleece PolyPlusPad with scrubbing fleece

Cut-out for inner hole holder for scrubber driers

For scrubber-driers, in addition to the transmission of force, adhesion to the traction disc is also important. Especially in the case of melamine pads with a large diameter, the pads should adhere to the drive plates when the drive plate of the scrubber-dryer is raised, e.g. when the machine is parked in the cleaning corner. We recommend additionally using the inner hole holder. For this purpose, our MelaminPlusPads for scrubbing machines have a recess in the foam part. This allows the pads to be centred on the drive plate and the inner hole holder fixes the pad until the user replaces it with a new one.

MelaminePlusPads with cut-out in the foam part MelaminePlusPads with cut-out in the foam part
Inner hole holder Inner hole holder
Scrubbing machine with melamine pad Scrubbing machine with melamine pad

Orbital and excentric machines have particularly high demands on the back material

For orbital/exentric machines, we equip our pads with a particularly firm Velcro backing that transfers the high-frequency vibrations of orbital/Exentric machines well to the floor covering. Melamine resin foam can absorb many times its own weight in water. The melamine pads are correspondingly heavy when in use. Due to the rapid changes in direction of the orbital eccentric movement, very high forces occur that the normal scrubbing fleece backing cannot withstand. Another advantage of the high-strength Velcro backing is that it leaves no fibre residue on the Velcro coating of the orbital or eccentric machines.

To reduce the weight of the pads and thus the forces to be transmitted, we produce the MelaminPlusPads for orbital and excentric machines with 15 mm foam height.

top OE pad, bottom standard pad top OE pad, bottom standard pad
Velcro back Velcro back
Pads for Orbital/Exentric machine Pads for Orbital/Exentric machine

New trend scrubber-driers with orbital excentric technology

There is currently a trend to combine the excellent mechanical cleaning performance of orbital and excentric machines with the advantages of scrubber-driers. As this new type of machine also works with high-frequency vibration, we also recommend using our OE pads with high-strength Velcro backing and 15mm foam height for this purpose.


With optimised backing materials, our pads work on all types of cleaning machines. So you get the best mechanical cleaning performance out of your machine.


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