Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad

i-mop XL Upgrade from brushes to MelaminPlusPad

The i-mop XL is always delivered with brushes. To make the cleaning result more efficient, especially when used on porcelain stoneware, it is recommended to use MelaminePlusPads.

For this purpose, a “Round driving pad kit complete (2 pieces) with bristle ring” must be purchased from the i-mop dealer. The melaminePlusPads 203 mm 8 inches are suitable in diameter and pad height for the i-mop XL and can be purchased from the haid-tec Online Shop in packs of 2.


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Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad1
Converting the i-Mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPads is very easy.
Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad2
First, the brushes are removed. The black, round brush discs are jerked in the direction of travel. This releases the brush plate from the drive holder.
Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad3
The second brush plate is also moved jerkily in the direction of travel and thus also detaches from the drive bracket of the i-mop XL.
Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad4
The i-mop XL drive plates with bristle rings are supplied with spacer rings. These spacer rings are inserted into the centre of the drive plate and are held in place by Velcro. With the 1 cm high intermediate rings, the user of the machine can use pad variants of different heights. The MelaminPlusPad 203 mm 8 inch with approx. 23mm pad height can be used with or without spacer rings. It is only advisable to use the spacer rings when the MelaminPlusPads wear out due to use and lose height at a remaining pad height of approx. 1 cm.
Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad5
The MelaminPlusPads hold both to the intermediate rings and – when used without intermediate rings – directly to the traction plates by means of Velcro forces.
Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad6
The drive plates are mounted with a jerky movement against the direction of travel and thus engage in the drive bracket.
Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad7
The second drive plate is also mounted on the drive bracket of the i-mop XL with a jerk in the opposite direction to the direction of travel.
Upgrade: i-mop XL from brush to MelaminPlusPad8
The i-mop XL is now equipped with traction discs and can be operated with the efficient MelaminplusPads.

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