18. July 2022

The 8 tips for supermarket cleaning

Cleanliness in the supermarket has a decisive influence on the well-being of customers. Often customers are not even aware of why you have a positive shopping experience - but negative things are imme[...]
11. July 2022

Slippery! Only a clean floor is a safe floor

A store manager in food retailing has to keep an eye on many things - among other things, he or she has to keep his or her eyes on the ground. With the cleaning concept from haid-tec we get the danger of slipping under control. Learn more about it now.
1. March 2021

Which cleaning agent is the right one for porcelain stoneware floors in supermarket?

Cleanliness has a decisive influence on the customers' sense of well-being - and that pays off at the end of the day with higher sales. Which cleaning agents are particularly suitable for porcelain stoneware floors in the food retail sector?
16. February 2021

Why cleaning with scouring pads and brushes damages your high-quality porcelain stoneware floor in the long term

Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning porcelain stoneware, people still follow the motto "the harder, the better". How to avoid scratching and matting your floor.
11. February 2021

Cleaning safety tiles in the butcher’s shop

The floor in a butcher's shop, but also in other areas of the food industry, has a signalling effect.