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Floor cleaning in the workshop is particularly challenging. Our expert David Haid interviewed Yves Wagner from Limbächer & Limbächer in Filderstadt on this very topic.

“When, after a major renovation, the cleaning of the new floor covering was no longer possible according to our strict requirements, we were looking for a solution. With the certified cleaning system from haid-tec, we were able to solve the problem and are more than satisfied with the results,” says Yves Wagner from Limbächer & Limbächer.


Limbächer & Limbächer:
With an area of over 20,000 square metres, Limbächer & Limbächer GmbH in Filderstadt-Bernhausen is Germany’s largest motorbike store. Motorbike enthusiasts from all over Europe will not only find everything to do with motorbikes there, but also thousands of motorbikes in the multi-storey brand and theme exhibitions. The company is also a contractual partner of several very strong motorbike brands and also has suitably qualified specialist workshops on the premises.

Mr. Wagner, you are the workshop manager for Yamaha motorbikes and had major problems cleaning the new workshop floor after a conversion. What had happened?

When we rebuilt our Yamaha workshop according to Yamaha’s wishes and specifications, a new tile floor was laid in the workshop area. Attempts to clean this new floor with our existing cleaning products and cleaning machine were not successful at all. We therefore contacted Yamaha, who referred us to the manufacturer of the tiles.

Floor before cleaning

When and how did you first come into contact with the haid-tec company?

After a few days, an employee of the company haid-tec contacted us to get a description of the problem and to make an appointment with us on site. When the employee arrived, he checked the flooring, did a wipe test and checked our cleaning machine. Shortly after his visit, the haid-tec company contacted us again and arranged another appointment to clean the floor together with us using their means and according to their system.

How did this second appointment to clean the workshop floor go and what was the result?

Several haid-tec employees came to us for the second appointment. They brought their MelaminPlusPads and the corresponding cleaning agent. They also showed us how to clean the floor. And I really have to say that the result of the floor after cleaning was impressive in the truest sense of the word.

Floor during cleaning

Is the problem of cleaning the workshop floor now solved and how do you go about cleaning it yourself?

The problem is definitely solved and we get the new workshop floor very well cleaned very easily with the MelaminPlusPads, the cleaning agent and our cleaning machine. Since everyone can see into the workshop from the outside, this is also important. Or to put it another way, in a good workshop everything has to fit – the quality of the work, the services and also the associated appearance of the workshop area. And this is exactly where the certified cleaning system from haid-tec could help us to restore the positive appearance of the past.

Floor after cleaning

Thank you very much for the interview!

Thank you very much for the interview!

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